The Future Rewired | Remixed | Retold

Futurists and creatives collide for a 2 day hack-a-thon to find a way to reboot Black Mirror narratives into a future we can get excited about. Sat April 22th - Sun April 23th

April 22 – April 23 | Upload LA

Hack Rea//ty LA

Did you ever feel like you got hit by a truck after watching the depressing but brilliant TV show Black Mirror?

You are not alone. The truth is that technology is moving forward exponentially now.  It is only natural that our instincts are revving up our fear meters.  

Fast change + zero planning = not ideal.  However, it is hard to stop and dedicate time to think about what we want to happen in the future. This vision statement, and set of novel solutions to high tech problems can grow to be a compelling roadmap.

This hack rea//ity session will start at 10am on Saturday April 22th and run to Sunday April 23th at 7pm at the new Upload LA space in Marina Del Rey. We will be bringing together minds to find a way to transform our biggest nightmares into our biggest wins.

Join us as we flip Black Mirror inside out.  




The work we will create will be pushed out under the hashtag #whitemirror and find its way around the web, and hopefully into our future.

The weekend will kick off a few inspirational talks about of the most disruptive technology shifts of our time. We will also give you a few tips on storytelling techniques. We will break into teams to brainstorm and create.  

The stories we tell must be captivating and under 4 minutes but they can be in any format – from a fake ad to a 360 video to a podcast snippet.  They can be presented in a VR game, an episode flipped, a comic strip, a press release, or a recorded story told around a fire. We’ll end the weekend with presenting, voting and awarding.

We are collecting futurists, writers, vr creators, professional storytellers, actors, animators, filmmakers, researchers and programmers to be part of this potent hack-a-thon think tank.  

Space is limited.  Join Us.  #whitemirror
Can’t participate but want to volunteer? Sign up here.


This is an experimental hack-a-thon template created by artist Zenka.
NOTE: This indie project has no association with the Black Mirror series or it’s creators. 

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This project is made possible by generous support of the following project sponsors:

The Collective Upload Coworking